About me

I'm a software engineer from Portugal working at CERN, based in Switzerland 🇨🇭, passionate about new technologies and challenges, with a special focus in software architecture, cloud computing, data visualization and live software development (also known as hot swapping).

My first contact with computers started very soon, at the age of 6. A few years later, I started exploring Java using minecraft mechanics; a truly fun and enriching hobby that lead me to pursue my BSc.

I follow an ever-evolving stack of technologies, including some within open-source projects, you can keep track on my Github .


MSc in Software Engineering

Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto

MSc in Software Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering (top 1%). Main skills obtained were Data Analysis, Software Architecture, Software Development, Software Testing, Cloud Computing (Thesis).

BSc in System Networking and Engineering

Faculty of Science, University of Porto

Main skills obtained were Algorithms and Data structures, OOP, System networking, Compilers, Artificial Intelligence and Computational Logic.

The blog

During some time, across many development stacks, I found myself researching the same topics over and over again, repeating questions I've known the answer to previously. Some notions were crucial to my learning process and bookmarking them just wasn't enough.

For that reason, following the creation of my personal notes, I decided to share some of the topics I learn everyday. Also, some links really deserve more hits in their page-rank! There is no interest or newsletters involved. Most of the posts are written or compiled by me. In case you do not agree or feel something could be improved, please contact me or suggest an improvement on Github.

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